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Magickal Ways to Bring in the New Year

I've never been a fan of New Year's resolutions, but I love starting the new year on the right foot. With the right intentions set, the seeds are planted to allow the universe to do what it needs to ensure constant abundance and growth throughout the year.

Here are some rituals I will be performing on New Year's day to bring about this mindset.

1. Cleanse Your Space (and Yourself)

A basic necessity (in my opinion, at least) is cleansing any space (or yourself) when performing any ritual or spell to bring in some specific energy. Whether protection, love, or a basic home blessing. Without removing the negative and excess energy around you, it's a surefire way to keep those intentions from successfully manifesting. And by cleansing, I mean on a spiritual, energetical level, but we also do not mention the benefits of physical cleaning. Have you ever noticed how your vibrations and energy increase around a cleaner space? There is a reason for that.

I specifically create this blend of herbal vinegar and cleaning spray for this type of year. Not only do the herbs and vinegar work on a physical front by their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. They are also chosen to help remove energy and bring home blessings, making them the perfect combination for the new year. If you're interested, you can see this recipe here.

That being said, this herbal vinegar does require a minimum of a couple of weeks until it's ready. Instead, if you are still looking for the magickal properties and spell of this recipe, combine the herbs in some moon water and use it as a basic cleansing. Focusing especially on doorways and windows.

2. Home Blessings Simmer Pot

Now that your house is cleansed (even if it's not, this simmer pot will help), it's an excellent time to perform a home blessing for the new year. A way to welcome in love, happiness, peace, abundance, you name it.

Although you can create many simmer pots to perform home blessings, you can find my favorite one here.

3. Provide Offerings to the House Spirits

As an Animist, I provide offerings to the house spirits regularly. I perform two specific offerings:

1. An offering for all the spirits in the house and everything they do for my family's greatest good.

2. An offering for the spirit of my doorways for providing my family protection.

If you'd like to understand more, I have an article on animism (and how I do those daily/weekly rituals) you can read here. However, for the new year, I do like to perform a bit more of an "extra" or "thorough" offering.

You can find that offering and ritual here (along with other seasonal offerings).

4. Money Energy Bowl

Some simple folk magic to practice throughout the year involves a money abundance bowl. This is a bowl I cleanse and consecrate to add any extra change I have to it. The difference between this and typical money bowls is that I will use the coins and change from the bowl throughout the year. The addition and removal of money help ensure the energy flow of abundance continues.

At the beginning of the year (and sometimes throughout the year as I feel necessary). I will cleanse and reconsecrate this bowl to ensure it's in tip-top shape to continue this flow of monetary exchange for the house.

You can create one or do the same with the following steps:

  1. Find a bowl (or plate) you find some connection with.

  2. Cleanse the object using your preferred method.

  3. Consecrate to your preferences. I prefer to add an abundance of oil I create with cinnamon, peppermint, and basil. You can also use essential oils or add some of that herb to the bowl.

  4. Add some extra change you have in there.

Then throughout the year, remember to add any extra change to the bowl and remove and use any change in the bowl to keep the flow of your abundance strong.


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