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Let's Stir Up Some Magick

Struggling to keep your magical practice consistent and meaningful? Join our coven to transform daily tasks into powerful rituals and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

This quick video will walk you through the details.

Transform Daily Tasks into Powerful Rituals

Simplify your practice: Struggling to find time for elaborate rituals? Crafted easy-to-follow spell recipes and tips help you integrate magic into everyday activities, making it effortless to maintain a consistent and meaningful practice.


Connect with a Supportive Community

Never feel alone: Feeling isolated in your magical journey? Our exclusive Discord community offers a safe space to bond with like-minded practitioners, share your experiences, and get support and inspiration whenever you need it.

Build Confidence and Knowledge

Boost your skills: New to magic or looking to deepen your knowledge? Our monthly book of shadow pages and well-researched articles provide valuable insights, empowering you to grow your practice with confidence.

Personalized Support and Exclusive Benefits

Tailored to your needs: Need personalized guidance or specific content? Enjoy free consultations, make special requests, and receive exclusive guides and bonuses. Plus, participate in monthly raffles and get early access to special services, ensuring your journey is enriched and supported.

Experience the joy of a fulfilling, guided, and enriched spiritual journey that's improves your quality of life.

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Image by Larm Rmah

Yesterday, I finally realized when my husband was romantically smothering me for the fifth time that day that this love kitchen witchery is clearly working and maybe too good! For the first time, he is being the primary initiatory of affection. Maven, I am literally thinking about scaling back because it is way more than I ever expected. And if we are going to take it to X-rated, Monday we had the best sex in my entire life where he gave me seven orgasms back to back!

Jessica Saint-Anges


​Hey there, I'm Maven, the heart behind Cozy Coven.

Think of me as your hearth witch bestie, here to share life's journey with you. I'm not big on the whole mentor thing—I'd rather swap stories and pass on every tip, trick, and lesson I've picked up along the way.


Cozy Coven came about when I realized I needed to find balance. Being a mom and navigating daily life was draining, and I refused to feel guilty for not doing "enough" in my craft.  So, I created a space where magic intertwines seamlessly with the everyday.


When I'm not diving into research on magical practices, communing with plant spirits, or brewing up spell recipes in my kitchen, you'll find me soaking up moments with my husband, baby girl, and pup. Whether we're on a "coffee shop run," scouring thrift stores for treasures, or immersed in video games, I invite you to join me in discovering the magic woven into the fabric of our lives.

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