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My name's Maven and I'm a witchy mom. I have a love for the occult, especially the simplification of magick. From kitchen witchcraft to folk magick to herbalism, I like to share my journey to help others see the beauty in the mundaneness of everyday magick.

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My Story

I have a strong curiosity and passion for the unknown. I am lucky enough that part of my spiritual genius is all about connecting the dots and seeing the in-between. The magick in the hidden moments or the "mundane", so to speak.

I've been through cycle after cycle. Hell after hell. I've been in constant toxic masculine energy. Ignored my divine feminine energy. I convinced myself I was unlovable, powerless, and broken. I've abandoned what made me feel whole and allowed others to tell me who I am.

I pushed through occult practices that were draining and didn't fit, all because it's what I thought I HAD to do to be connected to spirit. 

This finally came to a head when I got pregnant. As someone who lost an amazing mother at a young age, I wanted to ensure I left a legacy behind for my daughter in case the same thing happened to her.


From the Witch's Kitchen was created for the original purpose to creating a grimoire for my daughter, so she has all my knowledge of my magickal findings in case I was not there to lead her when needed.

That was the original thought, anyway. I soon noticed, after I had her, that I couldn't connect with magick the way I used to. 


Dealing with a newborn and post-partum caused me to feel guilt about "abandoning my practice". 


Every ritual felt forced and performative. I was constantly chasing after spirit while feeling drained and depressed.


I knew something had to change and started diving into hearth magick and "lazy" witchcraft.

By utilizing daily activities and turning them into rituals, I was able to remove the guilt and constant chasing.

I could reconnect with spirit through mundane activities and perform magick while also doing necessary tasks.

Cooking meals became spell working.

Cleaning the home became a purification of my space.

I became a different witch (and mom). One that was spiritually connected without playing a "performance".

I know there are other burnt-out, overwhelmed witches and curious mamas out there looking for a solution. A way to keep up with spirit and stay true to their alignment, all while dealing with a modern society.

This is why the cozy coven was created. To not only simplify witchcraft for those who need a more simple and "lazy" approach to magick but also to provide a space where you can be you-focused while sharing in wins and challenges with others who align with your practice and values.

Whether you become part of the coven or just lurk in the background. I welcome you and bless this space with understanding and comfort.

So mote it be.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and information or to help guide others. Let's connect.

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