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Welcome to the Cozy Coven, where we empower you to bring magic into your daily life with confidence!


No more feeling burnt out or lacking the time and energy to commit to witchcraft. Whether you're a busy witch or a curious mama looking to weave enchantment, we've got your back. Our community provides the perfect support, guidance, and resources to help you confidently remove the second guessing from spellwork and change your quality of life.


Join us today and start your journey towards a more magical and empowered life!

Join the Cozy Coven

  • Bwbachod

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to dip their toes & never worry about spellwork again.
    • 3 new spell recipes per month
    • 1 new book of shadow page per month
    • Access to existing library of magickal knowledge
    • 10% off any service
  • Best Value

    Baba Yaga

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want an exclusive & quality hearth journey.
    • Everything in the Bwbachod plan
    • Discord channel to bond & share tips w/exclusive community
    • Exclusive live AMA & baking sessions
    • Entry to a monthly raffle for a free service of your choice
    • 25% off any service
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