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What's Coming This Month in the Cozy Coven - May 2024

As always, exciting things are happening around the corner at the coven. Here is what you can expect for May 2024.

  • Release of 'Love for the Kitchen Witch' - A 22-page guide to self-love in the kitchen

  • Strawberry Shortcake - A Spell Recipe for Success

  • Eggs en Cocotte - A Spell Recipe for Creating Positive Habits

  • TBD Cocktail - A Spell Recipe for Breaking Bad Habits

  • Salmon & Dill Creamy Salad - A Spell for New Beginnings

  • Spring Simmer Pot - A Spell for Focus

  • Dairy Book of Shadow Page

Baba Yaga Members

These are items happening for Baba Yaga members, including the above. If you are in Bwbachod and want to upgrade, please message me, and I can help!

  • Live Baking AMA Session - Sunday, May 12th

  • Smut Book Club Meeting (Lucifer's Bride) - Sunday, May 19th

  • Occult Book Club Meeting (Woman Who Run with Wolves) - Sunday, May 26th


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