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The Book of Soul Retrieval


an I hear a little commotion for a more left-hand path geared book?

Now, if you're right-hand path (or don't affiliate with either), Wait! Don't leave.

The Book of Soul Retrieval by Enoch Petrucelly with Sara Petrucelly, still is still one I think you should at least give a gander to before you make a definite decision.

In Between the Pages

The title of this book completely embodies what is inside. The beginning of the book leads you through some important foundational knowledge such as energy management (an absolute key in my practice), Parasites, and basic terminology.

Then leads you through some beginning rituals such as casting circles, cleansing, and consecration.

Finally, the really juicy part of the book, Rites for soul retrieval and helps remind you of your power.

Petrucelly does a lovely job moving from foundation to more advanced (but still reasonable for non-seasoned practitioners in my opinion) information making it easy for the reader to learn in comfortability.

His sister, Sara also contributes in her chapter "Sara Petrucelly on Chakra Removal" to gain more insight into similar yet different practices.

And yes, I did do The Rite of Cakra Removal and do not regret it in the slightest.

I will admit, that I do not necessarily agree with Petrucelly on all aspects of this book as I do not have the exact same belief or need in my practice. Regardless, there is a lot of useful knowledge, and proven rituals hidden within.

So Should You Buy It?

The Book of Soul Retrieval is an excellent pickup for one who wants to dip their toe into the left-hand path or those who feel curious or disconnected from the right-hand path.

You know, it just doesn't feel quite right

I started out on the right-hand path (as many other left-hand practitioners were), and this book was my first peek into what would become my set practice.

But I'm not here to try and convince you one way or another.

The best thing is for you to follow your own path.

I'm just here to nudge you to read this book if there is any part of you even slightly curious.

And even if you are not, the chapter that focuses on energy management is worth the purchase.


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