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How To Activate Intention for Plant and Kitchen Magick

To receive the most potent possible work, whether for plant medicine or plant magick, we need to ensure that the plants we are working with match the energy we are expecting to achieve from our work. This is essentially activating the dormant power within the herb.

Eventually, this work will become quick and second nature. You'll find your own path with activation, and it won't seem so complex. Even now that I teach this method, my activation is a much quicker process because I've learned how to speak to plant spirits and how to activate energies.

What is "Herbal Activation"

This activation of dormant power is what we achieve through herbal activation. I prefer to call this herbal activation as opposed to consecration because I found this method of herbal activation to provide more potency than just consecrating my herbs however these are not mutually exclusive.

What we will be doing is working with the energy of the herb.

At this point, if you are not proficient and can sense energy, it's okay. It's called a practice for a reason. As long as you discipline yourself in that practice, you should have a pretty good basis for being able to communicate with energies as well as feel and manipulate them as you need.

The purpose here is to help tune your herb into the properties you want to focus on for your purpose. We will do this by channeling energy to the herb to increase its vibrations to match that energy level.

We do this by feeling the energy level with our left hand (the hand of intuition and receiving energy) and pushing in the channeled energy with our right hand (the hand for pushing energy into the world).

For clairsentient, you will be able to feel the energy, but if one of your clair is stronger, your reading of the energy might be different such as pictures or audible noises.


Step 1:

Place your left and right hand over your herbs.

If you prefer, you can hold the herbs in your left hand with your right placed over top.

I personally have a bowl that I use that I have blessed and consecrated to do this work.

Step 2:

Drop into a meditative state at this point. It doesn’t have to be a deep state, just enough that you are focusing on the task at hand and able to tune into your senses and intuition.

Allow your body to relax, and focus on the herb you are activating.

Step 3:

In your meditative state, start to channel the energy of the herbal purpose you want. Focus on what this property would provide and how it would feel. How would it look?

For example, if you are activating an herbal property of love, what does love feel like to you? How does it look? What do the results provide?

You can also do this with herbal actions if you focus more on the physical side of herbalism, such as making plant medicine. Instead of channeling the magickal property, channel the physical action.

For example, if I’m making an anxiety tincture, how would reducing anxiety feel? What would it look like to be relieved from anxiety?

Feel this energy and begin to let that energy flow through your right hand into the herb.

If you are great at clairvoyance or visualization, you can visualize the light energy flowing from your hand into the herbs.

Step 4:

Continue to do this back and forth, allowing your left hand to provide information on where the herb's energy is at while the right hand continues to push the energy of your channel into the herb.

Repeat this for a bit until you feel the energy has reached the same vibration of your channel.

It will likely take some practice before you feel confident reading this energy but allow yourself to trust your intuition here. Know going into this that you will be able to tell when the energy of the herb is filled with your intention.

Step 5:

Once the herb has reached its peak energy, consecrate your intention with it and your expectations.

This can be simple: “Spirit of Rose, element of Gaia, I activate your power of love, may you promote healing of the heartgate and opening one up to love through an infusion of energy. So it is done. Thank you”.

If you are focusing on plant medicine, your consecration may look like this:

“Spirit of skullcap, I activate your action of nervine; may you provide anxiety relief and relaxation. Thank you”.

Manipulate this consecration with the element you are calling on and the properties and expectations you have based on your intention. Remember to always end with a thank you or some gratitude.

By providing an herbal activation, we are not only awakening the dormant power within the herbs, but we are also properly communicating our expectations for the plant within that medium.

Most plants have multiple properties, and although we can utilize more than one property in a plant at a time, it's very useful to state which ones we are using to set expectations and promote the most potency from those areas.

I personally prefer to activate my herbs individually, however, and recommend doing so at least in the beginning. I have had other colleagues and friends that prefer to activate herbs as a whole blend they are going to use for their work.


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