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How to Work with Hecate - The Filth Eater

If you are unaware of epithets, are honorary descriptions that often focus on specific aspects of a god or goddess that often is met in relation to their powers. I've found in diety work, many people choose to not intake this information.

To each their own, when it comes to their practice, however, I fully believe by ignoring or choosing not to research this information you're skimping on some practice-changing knowledge and power.

Hecate is known for a number of epithets, so many that I'm not even sure I'm going to be able to write an article on everyone.

However, I am here to talk about one of my favorite epithets and how working with this specific side of Hecate has not only changed my practice, but my life.

Borboraphorba, the Eater of Filth

Yes, you read that correctly, the eater of filth.

I've found most with minimal knowledge or time spent working with Hecate become shocked by this title.

I know I personally did when I learned.

How could my crossroads ruling, motherly Goddess of Witchcraft possibly have a title surrounding filth? Especially, if you know Hecate, you know she doesn't take crap.

But you see, that's where you miss the loving and powerful aspect of Borborophorba. Part of what makes her motherly.

The power Hecate holds in this epithet is to take in the unclean, the junk, and gunk in order to allow it to be born anew.

In ancient Greece, they believed that miasma is an independent power that until purged would inflict catastrophe. Luckily for them, Hecate is more than happy to take that which polluted her children to then purify.

Although back then, the greeks would release the miasma onto a ritual sacrifice to then dispose of as an offering, we do not have to transfer our own emotional filth onto an external sacrifice. Providing our emotional sacrifice is more than enough for our Goddess.

Offerings for Shadow Work

If you've followed me for a while, you are aware of my love for shadow work. How much it has changed my life and how I completely believe that everyone should partake (although perhaps some of those in tandem with therapy or a professional would be best).

It's a process that can be made easier with the help of Hecate's filth eater (all while providing our Goddess with a nice little offering).

One well-known way of doing so is through a death walk ritual, which I describe below. However, after, I do also provide a more simplified ritual I used frequently to separate the illusion from the shadow so I was able to release it and find the gem of truth that needed integration into my life.

Death Walk Ritual

A death walk ritual is not a new concept. It's also a ritual that has been adapted and used differently, so keep that in mind.

This ritual in particular is one that I perform on Hecate's night (November 16th) as not only a way to honor the Goddess but release the beliefs and illusions that no longer serve me.

It's an opportunity to enter the space of Hecate, the dark, the void, the underworld to better understand your soul, heal and release in order to be rebirthed.

Find an Offering/Vessel

The first step is to find our version of a vessel to dispose of our shadows. This can be as simple as a rock. However if you have something specific you are planning on releasing and have a symbolic talisman that can be used (such as a key, photograph, etc), then I highly recommend it.

Please choose something you are comfortable with losing as we will end this ritual with a trip to the crossroads to deposit our offerings.

If you have a talisman you want to use but are worried about polluting Gaia, you can still use the talisman to release but I recommend gathering something like Lavendar or Honey in which you're comfortable offering at the crossroads.


Before you begin the ritual, I recommend cleansing your space and body. I prefer to do a ritual bath to also help me drop into meditation easier.


Once you are cleansed and your space (or altar) is set up with the offerings, drop into a trance and call upon our Goddess Hecate. If you feel called, you can speak this incantation below to do so.

My Mighty Queen Hecate.

I walk through the Underworld.

Through my shadows and the dark.

To see illusions. To see lies.

To thank my shadows for their protection.

And release them to that which serves me.

I request you accept my sincere offering.

So I am once again able to walk with you.

And allow death to give me a life reborn.

At this point, you will want to begin opening yourself up fully to release all emotions and thoughts you wish to release. Allow yourself to push the energy into your talisman offering.

While you are releasing, you may find Hecate coming forward to provide visions or guidance during the process. Embrace her fully.

When you feel fully released and any communication with Hecate has ended, thank Hecate and wish her farewell.

Once you've come out of your trance and regrounded yourself on earth, take your offering to the nearest crossroads.

Shadow Work Ritual

As empowering and important as the death walk ritual is, it can be difficult to perform regularly. Especially if you are intensely in your journey of Shadow Work.

Below is a "simplified" version that I began using through the guidance of Hecate to use on a more regular basis.

Notes for Shadow Work Beginners

If you are beginning shadow work or have difficulty fully dropping in and opening yourself up, I recommend starting this practice with a journal. I eventually reached a place where I was able to just use meditation to reach these depths but a journal can be incredibly useful in the beginning.

For this, you will still need some type of vessel.

Since this is more regular, I use a Shungite crystal that I have dedicated to Hecate and keep on my altar. I do not worry about cleansing this crystal since Shungite can transmute negativity in itself but also because I know Hecate is receiving these through the crystal and do not have to worry about leftover negativity running around.


Per the death walk ritual, begin by dropping into a mediative/trance state (I've found box breathing to be excellent to help reach this state).

*If you are using a journal, begin to write down all that comes to mind. Allow yourself to bring up all fear, anger, and sadness. Negative thoughts or beliefs you may have about others or yourself. Really try to get to the root of the shadow.

Speak out loud about all the negativity you're feeling. Yell, scream and let your inner child throw a tantrum. All while ensuring you are channeling this feeling into your offering.

Once you've ranted enough you feel free, let Hecate know you offer her this filth and request she shows you the truth behind the shadow. To show you what illusion you're allowing yourself to buy and what portion of your genius needs to be integrated


When I've done this, she typically responds to me immediately via my clairaudience, however, you may experience her showing you in other ways (and possibly not immediate) such as signs in your life or through other clair means.

Although you can perform the above ritual at any time I do really recommend performing when at all possible at the time the trigger or emotional distress occurs when it's fresh in your mind.


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