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From The Occult Librarians' Bookshelf

As you may know, I read a lot of occult books.

And I mean, a lot, of occult books.

Even though I am one who prefers learning by experience and focusing on my own personal gnosis in my craft, I love to find new inspirations by digging through the dusty cobwebs of other novelists.

So here we are, in my latest blog series - From the Occult Librarians Bookshelf where I will review various books I have read and provide my opinion. Good or bad.

Just remember, what I find interesting or works within my practice may not in yours.

Here I will provide links so you can easily find the blog post in case you run across one you find interesting. Also, feel free to comment on any books you would like me to cover.

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The Book of Soul Retrieval by Enoch Petrucelly


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My name's Maven and witchy momma and writer documentating the wonderfully mundane aspects of the Occult. I like to share my experience with folk, kitchen, and green magick along with other tidbits I find along my journey.

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