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Buttermilk Pancakes: A Spell for Positive Wellbeing

Need a Sunday morning pancake recipe that's not only deliciously fluffy but will enhance your and your family's well-being?

If your answer is no, I suggest you reevaluate. In today's society, we always ignore our own well-being for other pursuits.

Make more money, be likable, put others before yourself, etc. It eventually wears us all down.

Well, I've got you covered.

These pancakes might as well be called fairy cakes. You can feel the magick all while eating them, thanks to the buttermilk and honey.

These will not only put you (and your family) into a good mood from deliciousness, but the magick keeps on giving by focusing on putting you first with a bit of pampering and nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.

Ingredients and Their Magickal Properties - Kitchen Magick

As I always mention in my recipe posts, the purpose of my work as a kitchen witch relies on knowledge and intention.

Yes, this recipe will still taste delicious without transforming it into a spell. However, knowing your ingredients is essential to utilizing this recipe to help change your mind, body, and spirit.

Below is a list of each added ingredient and its extraordinary power for this recipe. Please note that this is not every magical benefit of this plant or herb; these are just the areas I believe should be focused on for this specific recipe.


Wheat has been used as worship for abundance for centuries. A good harvest was considered a foreshadowing of a year of good fortune. I.e., an abundant harvest = an abundant year.

Our flour does just that, it adds the idea of abundance to increase our wellbeing.

Magickal Powers: Abundance, Community, Prosperity


Milk and butter hold nurturing energy. They're associated with the moon, Venus, Hathor, and mothers.

It's known for nourishment and pampering (have you ever heard of milk baths?).

The moon energy of our butter and buttermilk forms the basis of our well-being spell, providing us with the pampering and nourishment our soul craves.

Note: It's never a bad idea to open a carton and pour a little for your household spirits as an offering.

Magickal Powers: Nourishment, Pampering


We use our honey to not only sweeten our pancakes, but to sweeten our lives.

Honey's feminine energy can bring us happiness, healing, love, prosperity, spiritual alignment, etc. making it the perfect addition to our wellbeing spell. To ensure where ever we need it the most, honey will oblige.

Magickal Uses: Happiness, Healing, Love, Prosperity, Passion, Spiritual

Spell Recipe

Do you need to know how to tap into your magick and turn this into a complete spell? Read my article here.

*When adding your ingredients, remember to focus on the intention of the ingredient while working with it. (I.E., when adding your buttermilk, focus on the intention of nourishment and well-being).


  • 1 1/2 cups flour

  • 4 tsp baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 2 Tbsp honey

  • 1 egg

  • 1 1/4 cups buttermilk

  • 1/4 cup butter, melted

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Add flour, baking powder, and salt in a large bowl. Set aside. (Spirit of flour, may you bless this dish with abundance)

  2. Combine honey, egg, buttermilk, melted butter, and vanilla extract in a separate bowl. Mix till well combined. (Spirit of butter and milk, make you bless this dish with pampering nourishment)

  3. Fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Try not to overmix to avoid your pancakes from being extra fluffy.

  4. Coat your griddle (or pan) with butter. Use a 1/4 measuring cup to pour batter into individual cakes.

  5. Cook until bubbles appear and flip. Cook until the other side is lightly browned.

  6. Serve with the intention to increase your well-being. 


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