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5 Reasons Your Spell "Failed."

After years of practicing witchcraft, I can tell you that not every single spell you perform will succeed.

I’m not saying this to make you feel defeated or as if it’s not worth your time.

But to allow you to be aware that you are not the only one. Even after practicing for 6+ years, I still have spells that “fail.”

It’s called a practice for a reason.

The good news is you can learn from those failures and become more aware of how to make your spells more powerful.

As well as how to breathe new life into your practice.

You’re Too Focused on the “How.”

This was my biggest hurdle. I am a very logical person, which makes my practice a strange paradox and analytical nightmare sometimes.

When performing a spell, I was always unsure how that spell would manifest.

It wasn’t even the spell coming to fruition for me as much as it was having it develop in a manner I thought made sense.

Fun fact, the universe doesn’t work that way. If it did, we wouldn’t need intuition.

What you do need is to trust that once you perform that spell, the universe will decide on the best course of action.

Because, in the end, the how does not matter. It’s the result.

And if you are unwilling to give that up, you’re not allowing yourself to become what you need to for that spell to manifest.

You're Being Unaware/Not Taking the Steps

This goes hand in hand with the “how.”

Many first-time witches think you can just cast a spell, and it will work. You’ll get that job; you’ll find that love, etc.

But again, spellwork and the universe usually don’t work out this way.

Life isn’t meant to be easy from the start.

And the universe isn’t going to present you with your desire unless you are willing to upgrade into someone who can hold that space.

Want that job? You have to prove that you are willing to hold that tension.

You are willing to step into that role of who you are that job will require.

You are willing to keep your awareness open for those intuitive hits and follow their guidance on how you will get that job.

Someone will rarely be offered a position without applying or researching the company.

It’s the same with spellwork. Our threshold guardians will not allow something we are not ready for to come into our lives.

No matter what intention or ingredients we use.

Your Intention is Based in Shadow

One thing I find a lot of beginner witches believe about witchcraft is it’s going to save them.

It’s going to provide them with the life they’ve always wanted. And I was fully guilty of this as well.

But witchcraft is not supposed to be an end to a mean. It’s a practice.

This is one reason why many witches go through shadow work. To help sort out all these bullshit illusions, they have about themselves and to alchemize into their true self.

And until you do that, many of the spells you may be attempting to cast come from a place of shadow, not your true desires.

Let’s say you do a spell to find love. Why?

Is it because, deep down, you’re not providing yourself with the self-love you deserve? And you think you need to find a partner to be happy?

If so, I hate disappointing you, but it probably won’t work.

On the other hand, if you perform a spell to find love, and it’s coming from a place of just pure want. No illusions or alterations; you will have a much higher success rate.

Spellwork should never be something you perform based on an illusion. Off of it is a “necessity” to achieve or be something in your life.

Spellwork is an energetic stepping stone. It’s there to help provide you with what your true self deserves and wants.

Not your shadow.

You’re Not Trusting in Your Power.

You. Are. A. God.

You. Are. Magick.

Yes, you read that right. We have the power to create our world.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Although there are many reasons, a big one is simply the knowing and belief that you have this ability.

Magick comes from inside of you. You are magick.

It is not this external thing that you need to try and harvest.

If you believe, even deep down, that a spell won’t work. It won’t.

This is another great benefit of shadow work. Thanks to society and generational trauma, many believe illusions about ourselves that keep us from stepping into our power. Of knowing our power.

I used to have this issue as well. It’s not that I didn’t believe in magick. I fully did, but I didn’t believe that I had any power, or I thought others had more power than me.

That is not the case.

So whatever it requires, some self-love, some shadow work, etc., you need to take the steps so that the next time you send a spell off into the universe, you know it's going to work.

You just have to sit back and wait for the universe to guide you to it.

You Ignored Your Intuition When Crafting the Spell

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, “intention is everything.”

While I understand this statement and agree with it, for the most part, I do believe it’s been taken a bit too literally.

Is intention in a spell important? 100%.

Is it the only piece that will require a spell to work? Absolutely not.

We have an intuition for a reason. It allows us to follow the best path. It allows us to work with spirits that are the most beneficial.

So, let’s say, for example, you’re crafting a spell, and your intuition keeps bringing you back to the usage of peppermint.

But, the spell “recipe” you're following does not mention peppermint. Or perhaps you’re out of peppermint and don’t feel like going to the store.

Is the spell going to work? Possibly.

Is it going to work as strongly as it could? Definitely not.

Your intuition is guiding you to add peppermint for a reason. If you’re unwilling to put in the extra effort to listen to it, you will not get the best results.

Your intuition is not a party trick. It will not perform just because you want it to or when it's convenient. And it will not guide you toward something you can’t achieve or handle.

This doesn't mean you need to have an apothecary full of fancy herbs or spend a ton of money on occult supplies. That is not the point of this section. The point is to follow your intuition to the fullest.

Because the most powerful spellwork for you will come from you. It won’t come from someone else’s recipe or a book.

We each have our own individual blueprints making our magick, special.


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