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3 Herbs for the Hybrid Solar Eclipse & Aries New Moon

Eclipse season is officially launching on April 19th with astrological heat.

As I'm not an astrologer, I won't give you a bunch of individual details on the specifics of those events. However, as a witch, I highly recommend not skimping on some magick during this night.

This eclipse is the perfect time to shed and manifest. It opens up a space for us to see the shadows of what no longer serves us and release ourselves to the universe.

It's here to push you back into your true self and wants by bringing about sudden ends and beginnings.

It's up to you whether to ride the waves of these unexpected chances, utilize these breakthroughs, and clarify, or fight it further.

Here are three plants I recommend to help your magick this eclipse that you can likely find in your kitchen. And if not, no worries! They're easily found at your grocery store.

Create a tea or ritual bath, or add to your spells.


Our masculine fire herb (also known as brandy mint) has a long history, from being used in purification spell work to healing mixtures making it the perfect herb to start the list with.

Not only does it help purify, but peppermint also will raise spiritual awareness and vibrations, inviting clarity to your spirit.

The scent is said to invite in good and helpful spirits (especially if used fresh) to guide and clear the way for you.

Not to mention, it also compels one to sleep. This may not seem like a big deal, but solar eclipses can make it difficult for the more spiritually inclined to get a good night's rest, which is a must after healing and releasing.

Overall, peppermint will help connect you to your spiritual genius to guide you through what needs to be released and what needs to be implemented for your soul's purpose.


I have to be honest with you; as a kitchen witch, I have a strong bias toward lemon when it comes to cleansing. A little goes a long way, whether it's brightening up a dish or keeping my space cleansed and clean.

Utilizing lemon purification is a must for this eclipse. We want to remove all negative energy, whether external or from ourselves. It's crucial to release negativity keeping us stuck in the shadows and ensure no outside powers are preventing our success.

Lemon is also fantastic for love and longevity. If we want our manifestations to succeed, lemon will help ensure our magick and will stick around for the long hall.


Ginger's power to heat up our magick will help on both ends of the spectrum.

First, it will help you release thoughts and aspects you may refuse to acknowledge. It's essentially adding the cleansing strength of fire here. If you hold your hand over fire, eventually, something's got to give due to the power of the heat.

Second, it heats up your will. The stronger your will, the higher success of your magick and manifestations.

Ginger also has powers toward money and love if your manifestation is tied to either aspect.

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