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Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Witchcraft

If you've visited my blog or social media before, it's evident that kitchen witchery is one of my favorite forms of practice. Cooking and baking can be an incredible form of meditation, add in some intention, and not only do you get a spell, but you also get a spell you can eat. Can't get much better than that, can it?

Through my practice as a kitchen witch, I have come across some things that have added to my power behind my spells. These I share with you are below.

Using Whole Ingredients

Now before we get all up in arms, I totally understand that a lot of the time we don't currently have the finances or availability for certain ingredients so I recommend doing this when you can. But in all honesty, you are going to find your recipes are much stronger when you are using whole ingredients.

What do I mean by that? Simply, using the least processed as possible. Sometimes this is going to cause some extra work for you, but it's worth it. When using flour, try to buy whole wheat instead of bleached all-purpose. When making cherry pie, buy cherries and destem them yourself instead of buying canned pie filling, etc.

Since part of kitchen witchery is tapping into the energies of ingredients as well as bringing them together as a whole, it only makes sense that the less processed, the stronger those energies will be.

Utilizing Symbolism Magick

Kitchen witchcraft doesn't have to be all about the recipe. What plate are you serving it on, what bowl are you mixing it in, and are there any sigils or symbols you can add?

For example, let's say you're making a self-love strawberry rhubarb pie. Cut the strawberries into hearts, put a sigil in the crust, and eat it on a pink or red plate.

Will the spell still work without adding this symbolism? Yep, probably, but I guarantee you will see improvements by weaving symbolism magick into your kitchen witchcraft. Plus the creativity is fun!

Eat With Intention

The spell doesn't have to be over just because the food is made. Whenever you consume that food, you should also be eating with intention. Feeling, thinking, and embodying the purpose of your spell recipe.

Obviously if you are cooking something for another (and you aren't telling them you're intentions), this portion won't be applicable, but when it comes to intentions specifically for you, mise well use every option in your arsenal for a more powerful outcome.

Setting Your Conditions

This may require some testing from you but setting yourself up to create a spell, is going to go a long way. For example, whenever I perform a spell ritual I wipe down my counter with a cleanser I've made for the purpose, I open the window to allow any negativity to leave and request the breeze to keep my space cleanse (I live by a beach so its always windy), put on some music, and I'll often light a candle (typically one in color relating to the spell I'm performing).

This allows me to get into a meditative space, not only am I confident other aspects are being taken care of so I don't have to worry (i.e. a cleansed space) but the ambiance as well.

Ingredient Activation/Consecration

Want to know a secret? I often choose multiple spices, herbs, or ingredients that have specific energies for my spell. Not just necessarily ones related to it.

That means, if I'm working on a drink for sleep, I'm not just looking for ingredients with sleep energies. I might also add some for rest, or comfort. Perhaps even power or success to help guarantee the spell's potency. The main reason I found this works for me is because I consecrate my individual ingredients, not just the recipe as a whole. When I add in my cinnamon, I say an incantation asking the spirit of the cinnamon to bless this recipe with power. When I steep my lavender, I activate it by speaking my intention and request to the spirit of the lavender.

When all is said and done, I still speak my full intention and incantation to the finished product, but by also activating each ingredient with a spiritual purpose, I'm ensuring they are focusing on the energies they should.

As a believer in animism as part of my craft, I do believe we are working with the spirit of the ingredient. And just like any spirit, they can provide or deny. By requesting through conscecration and activation, we are petitioning respectfully.

If you're interested in activating your ingredients and don't know where to start, I do have a post on how to go about just that which you can access here.


If you really want to pump up your spell recipe, listening is going to provide you with a ton of guidance. When you are activating, allow yourself to open up to hearing your ingredients (this will often come up via your clairs). A lot of the time, they are willing to guide you. Sometimes it may be adding a different amount than expected, sometimes it's completely leaving it out or replacing it with something. A good example is perhaps peppermint is better for this spell than spearmint. Or maybe adding a dash of nutmeg will not only help the taste but add some extra oomph.

Overall, kitchen witchcraft is one of many possibilities and just like any craft, requires tuning into yourself and the spirits around you.


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