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Strawberry Shortcake: A Spell for Success

In my family, springtime means one thing: strawberry shortcake. It’s been our go-to dessert for as long as I can remember, symbolizing warmer days and simple pleasures.

But this year, I decided to add a twist. Instead of sticking to our usual store-bought pound cake, I wanted to return to basics and make it from scratch. After all, if we add a touch of magic, why not make it a bit more traditional?

Strawberry shortcake holds a special place in my heart, not just because it’s delicious but also because it represents the joy of success. That got me thinking—what if we could infuse that joy into every bite?

So, armed with strawberries and a sprinkle of enchantment, I set out to turn our beloved dessert into something more: a spell for success. Here is how I transformed a family favorite into a delicious ode to finding success and savoring every moment so your family can, too!

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