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Seasonal Ritual Offering to House Spirits

As an Animist, I provide offerings to the house spirits regularly. If you'd like to understand more, I have an article on animism (and how I do those daily/weekly rituals) you can read here.

However, each time the seasons change, I like to do something a bit more “extra” in my offering to them. This is a way to thank them specifically for all the blessings they have provided me and my household for that month and for continuing to do so through the next season.

Why do I do this seasonally? Because of my practice, I like to live, focus on the seasons, and follow their purpose. By doing this seasonally, I’m not only thanking them but also requesting intentions based on the new season.

Ritual Offering to House Spirits

I bring in all the elements (fire, air, earth, and water) for this ritual. For fire, you will need a candle. For air, I use my breath. For water, water (I use whatever I have on hand, which is typically moon water). And finally, for the earth, an herb mixture(which you can find below based on the season). This mixture may be different for you. We all have our own practice and or own house spirits. Go with what your intuition guides you towards.

Herb Mixtures


I go off the winter solstice for winter, focusing on celebrating the sun's rebirth. Therefore I utilize herbs that are beneficial to rebirth, transformation, and releasing of unwanted energies.

Rose - Self-love, Healing, Protection, Luck

Cedar (or Pine) - Cleansing, Purifying, Healing, Rebirth

Peppermint - Raising vibrations, Mental Clarity, Psychic Powers,


I perform my spring offering during the spring equinox. Focusing on new beginnings, planting seeds, and fertility (on creativity and opportunities).

Juniper - New Beginnings, Reset Energy, Manifestation, Purifying.

Rosemary - Purifying, Strengthening, Anxiety Reducing, Memory Sharpening..

Poppy(seeds) - Fertility, Abundance, Luck, Invisibility (to prevent those who may wish to stop your new beginnings). I specifically use seeds here to represent planting seeds and seed magick.


Summer offerings happen during the summer solstice, the year's longest day. Focusing on balance, perseverance, growth, and power.

Yarrow - Courage, Healing, Releasing, Peace

Chamomile - Protection, Healing, Peace

Calendula - Protection, Healing, Luck, Success, Vitality


For the autumn equinox, we focus on the harvest. Providing ourselves with respect for our journey, abundance, prosperity, and reflection.

Cinnamon - Luck, Success, Prosperity, Confidence

Oak (can use acorns) - Strength, Courage, Longevity, Fertility,

Elder - Spiritual Connection, Reflective, Protection, Healing, Prosperity, Grounding

How to perform the ritual offering

Step 1:

Cleanse yourself and the space where you perform the ritual (typically your altar). Use your preferred method of cleansing.

Step 2:

Add moon water to a consecrated bowl or lipped plate. Do not add a lot of water, as we will be placing a raised candle within the water, so we don’t want it to be too high.

Step 3:

Sprinkle herbs (or essential oils) into the water, ensuring you are focusing on the intention and their specific properties for the offering.

Step 4:

Place your candle in a protective container (such as a raised candlestick), so it sits firmly in water. You can also use a floating candle if preferred.

Step 5:

Speak your thanks and intentions, ensuring your breath reaches the surface of the offering to transfer your magick. For example:

To the spirits of the house, sensed and unsensed; I thank you for the ever-flowing magick around myself and my household. Your guidance, and assistance towards rebirth, transformation, and releasing unserving energies. I ask you continue to bless my family for our greast good. So mote it be.

As you can see, I will change the wording of my spell depending on the season and intention. The above example is an incantation I would speak for winter.

Step 6:

Light the candle and allow it to burn all the way through.


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