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Rose Magick

Rose is one of the most popular flowers out there. Despite its popularity, I noticed that it's still considered underrated when utilizing its magic properties in witchcraft.

Its most well-known use, of course, being that in love magick. This is a strong reason, given past cultural uses and folklore.

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Folklore and History

Thanks to the wide cultivation of roses across the world. Their rich cultural history of cultivation is believed to have likely begun in Asia. We trace this back to writings from Confucious about growing roses in the Imperial Gardens.

In Ancient Egypt, rose petals were often placed in tombs and paintings. Rose oil was not only the common scent of Cleopatra with her love of bathing in rose petals, but rose oil was also used during the embalming process and has a strong association with Isis.

There are multiple stories surrounding Greek and Roman Mythology on how the rose came to be. Note that I have found these myths in both Roman and Greek mythologies, with the exchange of Venus and Aphrodite depending on the culture.

Some Greek mythology claims roses came from Aphrodite's tears over her dead lover Adonis. Other myths claim Cloris, the goddess of flowers, turned a lifeless nymph into a flower so beautiful all the gods would consider it the Queen of flowers. Aphrodite, struck by its beauty, named it rose in honor of her son Eros.

Roman mythology claims the rose came to be during the birth of Venus; however, at this time, it was white. Myths claim that we can thank the creation of red roses to Venus's blood. After hearing of a plot to kill her lover Adonis, she cut her ankles running through rose bushes, turning any blooming roses red.

Regardless of the mythology we find behind roses, it's easy to see why there is such a powerful symbolism with romance, love, and passion.

Magickal Properties and Uses

Like other color magick in witchcraft, each rose's colors have different symbolism and uses.

Red roses are often most associated with and useful for love magick and desire (including self-love magick).

White roses are excellent for anything with purity, innocence, and spirituality.

Both pink and yellow roses are helpful for happiness and friendship.

Rose Magickal Properties: love, positive vibrations, psychic powers, healing, divination, luck, protection.

  • Use rose in love potions, spells, and rituals (including self-love!)

  • Use rose thorns in curses or for protection magick (if you want your protection to sting back)

  • Add rose water or petals to your bath to promote beauty or passion

  • Plant roses in gardens to attract fairies

  • Sprinkle rose petals around the house to promote healing and love and reduce stress and conflict within the household.

  • Drink rose tea to increase intuition and prophetic dreams.

Luckily dried rose petals aren't too hard to find. If you'd like to purchase some to work with you can do so here. I personally love frontier co-ops product and recommend. Every herb I get from them is high grade.

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