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Recommended Books for Beginning Practioners

Here is a secret. I LOVE any witchcraft or occult book geared towards "beginners".

Even as someone who has been practicing the craft for years, I still pick up these books more consistently than any other "immediate" or "advanced" options.

There are a couple of different reasons for this, but the main one is because once you get a handle on certain aspects of the craft; you'll learn that your practice is completely your own. The "advanced" stuff is really just areas you'll be guided to by your genius. Although it's interesting to hear others take, it's these types of areas I really like to let my own spirit guide.

That being said, "beginner" books are ones that help water new ideas. It's fun to pick up small, everyday aspects and see how the ripple effects occur. Therefore before I begin my list, I want to invite anyone, beginner to advance to look into picking up these books.

1. Book of Soul Retrieval - Enoch Petrocually

At the top of the chart, we have the Book of Soul Retrieval. This book is one I will always recommend as it is one that has not only changed my practice, but my life.

It is geared towards a left-hand path viewpoint on things but the chapter on Energy Management alone is worth the few bucks you spend on this book. But on top of that, you also get my favorite two rituals that I still utilize then needed: The Cleansing Rite of the Goddess and The Rite of Sovereignty.

I guarantee you that if you are comfortable moving down this type of path for your practice, following the rituals in the book will make you feel more empowered than you ever have.

You can easily find this book here for purchase and more information.

2. Six Ways: Approaches & Entries for Practical Magic - Aidan Watcher

Simple and straight to the point is the phrase best used for this book. I picked up this book a little over 5 years into my craft and it still helped shift techniques and views of my practice.

Instead of focusing on a lot of the specifics and basis, you can find in occult books, Wachter skips through all that to take you to the foundation of it all. This is one of the reasons I rave about this book because it doesn't start you down a specific path or limit your methods.

If you want a detailed yet simplistic read on the roots of magick, this is definitely one you should pick up.

3. Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens

Geared towards a traditional witchcraft approach, this book is very informative when it comes to more old-school practical witchcraft.

It starts out with a nice overview of witchcraft and then dives into the coverage of protection, necromancy, counter-spells, and back. I may also be biased as someone who travels the left-handed path but I do love Huson's lack of concern for morality; especially for something written back in the 70s when Wicca was at the forefront of the magickal community.

I will mention that this was written in the 70s, so keep in mind a lot of terms were more interchangeable then and it is based on traditional witchcraft. Either way, it's a great read to help dip your feet into the water of magick.

Before you dive into any book though, I would like to instill a quick reminder from one friendly occultist enthusiast to another. Take what resonates with you throughout these books. Regardless of what others may try to instill in you, your craft is your own and your true magick is going to come from what works based on your genius. Not necessarily what you've been told, read, or have stumbled across.

If the craft was a one size fit all, the world would be a boring place.


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