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Pumpkin Magick

It is officially fall, which means one thing to many "basic" girls like myself. It's pumpkin season.

Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin pie are all various delicious foods for us to enjoy. But as we performers of kitchen magick know, there's more to pumpkins than the nostalgia and cozy feelings of fall.

So let's get into how to utilize pumpkins to our witchy benefits.

History & Lore

Planet: Moon

Element: Earth

Energies/Powers: Abundance, Banishing, Divination, Creativity, Fertility, Health, Money, Prosperity

Pumpkins hold a lot of history and lore in North America, its area of origination, and one of the earliest domesticated plants. It is also a huge reason people were able to survive as well, leading to many poems being written regarding its usefulness.

Some lore states that leaving half a pumpkin exposed in a kitchen you will attract negative energies to spoil the cooking. This is likely because of pumpkins' ability to absorb negative energy.

The American Halloween tradition of jack-o-lanterns derives from the UK tradition of preparing turnips and potatoes in order to scare away evil. By doing so and lighting a candle inside, we are warding off darkness and directing spirits away from our homes.

Pumpkins also hold an abundance of seeds, providing its association with abundance (and fertility). When we look between the lore of Halloween and its association with abundance, it makes perfect sense why pumpkins are known to not only drive away harmful energies but also attract positive energies of warmth and welcome.

Magickal Uses:

  1. Pumpkin's biodegradability makes it a perfect offering for use as a cauldron or container for your spellworkings.

  2. Pumpkin divination is specific to loosening lips. Serve pumpkin when you wish to see information be revealed to you.

  3. Place pumpkins on your doorstep to welcome in prosperity.

  4. Decorate your home with pumpkins to absorb negative energies while providing warmth.

  5. Add pumpkin seeds to a witch's satchel and shake when you need some creative energy or help with divination.

  6. Add pumpkin seeds to your money bowl.

  7. Serve soup in a pumpkin bowl for symbolism magick as part of your kitchen witchcraft.

  8. And, of course, cook & bake with pumpkin! There are so many energies it carries; you have plenty of options. I love to create some healing pumpkin soup.


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