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Love for the Kitchen Witch' is the ultimate guide to embracing your true essence and attracting the love you deserve.


Even though Kitchen Magick is simple, its extremely potent and empowers you to cultivate self-love, deepen intimacy, and magnetize love effortlessly. And that is what I show you how to do in this guide!

Inside You Will:
  1. Unveil the transformative power that lies within your kitchen with easy-to-follow rituals and practices.

  2. Learn how to infuse your relationships with intimacy and connection through the subtle art of kitchen magick.

  3. Harness the energy of love and magnetize romantic experiences into your life with practical tips and techniques.

  4. Explore techniques to cultivate a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance, fostering a positive relationship with yourself.

  5. Transform your kitchen into a sacred space for intention-setting and manifestation, enhancing the energy of your home

Picture this: your kitchen, a place where every stir and sprinkle brings you closer to the life you’ve dreamed of.


As you blend the art of kitchen magick into your daily routines, you’ll find yourself cultivating richer relationships, attracting love effortlessly, and embracing a profound sense of self-love. Here, among your pots and pans, you'll set intentions that transform your space—and your life—into a sanctuary of positivity and growth.


Get ready to unlock the magickal and transformative power of your very own kitchen!

Here's What's Inside
  • A 22-Page Guide: Gain insight into the magical properties of everyday kitchen tools, foods, and herbs, empowering you to create powerful spells and rituals.

  • 6 Simple Yet Effective Spell Recipes: to fire up your love life and super charge your manifestations.

  • Step-by-Step Guide on Performing Kitchen Magick: So you have clear instructions on how to perform various kitchen magick rituals, making the practice accessible to all skill levels.

  • 23 Prompts for Shadow Work and Intention Setting: designed to help you confront and release your shadows while amplifying your intentions.

Purchase now for only $7 or join the Cozy Coven and get 'Love for the Kitchen Witch' Guide for free plus exclusive guidance and more!


Hey there, I'm Maven, the heart behind Cozy Coven.

Think of me as your hearth witch bestie, here to share life's journey with you. I'm not big on the whole mentor thing—I'd rather swap stories and pass on every tip, trick, and lesson I've picked up along the way.


Cozy Coven came about when I realized I needed to find balance. Being a mom and navigating daily life was draining, and I refused to feel guilty for not doing "enough" in my craft.  So, I created a space where magic intertwines seamlessly with the everyday.


When I'm not diving into research on magical practices, communing with plant spirits, or brewing up spell recipes in my kitchen, you'll find me soaking up moments with my husband, baby girl, and pup. Whether we're on a "coffee shop run," scouring thrift stores for treasures, or immersed in video games, I invite you to join me in discovering the magic woven into the fabric of our lives.

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What's the Cozy Coven?

The Cozy Coven is a membership created by a burnt-out witch who knew their had to be a simpler way. Gone are the days we have to practice elaborate rituals to get what we want. No more feeling burnt out or lacking the time and energy to commit to witchcraft.


Whether you're a busy witch or a curious mama looking to weave enchantment, we've got your back. Our community provides the perfect support, guidance, and resources to help you confidently remove the second guessing from spellwork and change your quality of life. Hi, I'm Maven, and I will show you how to turn the mundane into magick in your everyday life.

I love the recipes and you’re super freaking ON IT! I asked for something and you were like “oh you mean like diiiis??” lol I was shocked! I also love the community aspect, especially having my own space to lead, I like having this other space where I can come and just be one of the gals. I get inspired by the food yall make and I haven’t quite prioritized cooking as a value in a while, I feel like being in here sooner or later I’m going to start making stuff again.
Tell me how I ended up making Maven’s Chicken Noodle Soup recipe for my husband’s illness. I don’t even cook chicken as I am a vegetarian so I grabbed a rotisserie from the store. Today, he is magickally well after being ill all week.
I love the book of shadow pages, like the cherry one. I am sure anything you do will be beautiful and welcomed

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